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Goose Definition Meaning
noun plural geese ɡiːs. any of various web-footed long-necked birds of the family Anatidae: order Anseriformes. They are typically larger and less aquatic than ducks and are gregarious and migratory See also brent goose, barnacle goose, greylag, snow goose Related adjective: anserine.
Welcome to Goose Watch Winery.
Scroll through this tasting guide to find out more about Goose Watch Wines. Goose Watch Winery has been acclaimed as one of the most unique wineries not only for its wines but also for its picturesque setting on the shores of Cayuga Lake.
GOOSE definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
More meanings of goose. See all meanings. cook sb's' goose idiom. kill the goose that lays the golden egg idiom. not say boo to a goose, at not say boo idiom. what's' sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander idiom.
Goose identification testing Washington Department of Fish Wildlife.
Dusky Canada goose season is closed in Goose Management Area 2 Coast and Inland during October March. If a hunter takes a dusky Canada goose, or does not comply with field check requirements, the authorization will be invalidated and the hunter will not be able to hunt geese in Goose Management Area 2 Coast and Inland for the rest of the season.
Worried Goose Tracks Down Her Boyfriend After He's' Taken To Hospital The Dodo. icons/general/menu.
This week, staff at the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts noticed someone in need of help. A wild goose named Arnold, who lives on a pond nearby, was seen having trouble walking, apparently due to a hurt foot. Staff decided to admit the bird into their wildlife hospital for treatment.
goose Origin and meaning of goose by Online Etymology Dictionary.
a" large waterfowl proverbially noted, I know not why, for foolishness" Johnson, Old English gos a" goose, from Proto-Germanic gans goose" source also of Old Frisian gos, Old Norse gas, Old High German gans, German Gans goose, from PIE ghans source also of Sanskrit hamsah masc, hansi fem, goose, swan" Greek khen; Latin anser; Polish g goose" Lithuanian sis goose" Old Irish geiss swan, probably imitative of its honking.
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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm. Order in-person, at 949 722-9453,, or DoorDash delivery. A nod to the hunting lodge culture of eras past, Wild Goose Tavern celebrates the tradition of plentiful libations and good times after a hard days work.
Goose Definition of Goose by Merriam-Webster.
Middle English gos, from Old English gōs; akin to Old High German gans goose, Latin anser, Greek chēn. Learn More About goose. Post the Definition of goose to Facebook Share the Definition of goose on Twitter Time Traveler for goose.
Smoking Goose.
view all our products. All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the Farm. we partner with small, family farms in Indiana and neighboring states raising animals as nature intended: no Gestation Pens, Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed, No Growth Promotants, and more.
Goose Spotify Listen Free.
Goose Full Catalog. The guy, behind the guy, behind the guy. Écoutez Goose maintenant. Écouter Goose en entier sur l'appli' Spotify. Écouter sur Spotify. À propos des pubs. Pour lire ce contenu, veuillez télécharger l'appli' Spotify. Télécharger Spotify Ouvrir Spotify.
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